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WWII Winter Navy Jacket?

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Thanks for the additional comments. My FIL was a crash boat captain in WWII until he transferred to a destroyer at wars end. He may have been issued or purchased the coat while he was at Patuxent.  He said that the wood hulled ships were having problems with the ice in the bay or river and they took them down to Pensacola to be retrofitted with (I believe) copper plating (sheathing)  on the hull. 

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Thanks for posting some great information and images of the USN foul weather coats.


Below are some images of one of the Navy-issue dark green oilskin coats (size 46). I've had it over 40 years but only recently found out more about it. Overall the coat is in very good condition with only a few stains and a small section of worn finish.


According to the website: "United States Military Uniforms of World War II" Navy Contract NXs 9628 was awarded to Mario G. Mirabelli of Neptune, NJ for "Sheepskin Lined Coat" in July 1942. Contract amount was $199,000 but the number of coats was not given.


Incidentally, it's available if anyone is interested.






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General Apathy
On 1/10/2017 at 11:50 PM, ccyooper said:

We found this while cleaning out my wife's parents basement. It was hanging next to her dad's navy fleeced lined winter deck jacket. This jacket is not marked anywhere and I could not find any other jackets like it on the web. It looks Navy but I'm not sure. It is shearling lined with a fleece wool collar. It is in great shape but is missing a couple of outside buttons. Regards



Hi,  About twenty years ago Tom Gordon of ' Military Marketplace ' Bainbridge Georgia had several unissued crates of these coats they had full USMC nomenclature stencilled on the sides.  When we pulled the nails out and inspected the coats we found that the coats had three layers as opposed to other versions we had seen of only two layers, i.e. the inner and outer layers.  


These USMC ones had the outside cotton material, the inner sheepskin liner and between the two was a waterproof layer of USMC camouflaged poncho material, so I would suggest to any owners of this style coat to check between the inner and outer parts of the coats to see if they have a USMC version.   


Sorry I can't recall if there were any date details or whether there were any labels or stencilled details inside the coats, and I sold the one I had kept back in 2018 /2019 so I can't offer anything further.


Another shot of a group of USMC wearing them. 


regards lewis





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