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USMC Contract Overseas Cap


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world war I nerd

In addition, the USMC marked cap appears to be made from a much heavier weight of woolen fabric. All of the U.S. Army specifications for overseas caps called for 20 ounce to the yard melton wool. Most of the French pattern caps were also fabricated from a similar weight of woolen material.


However, there was one exception ... all of the U.S. pattern overseas caps that were made in France for the AEF by French contractors were all made (or at least every example that I've seen) from a much heavier weight of woolen fabric, possibly 30 ounce to the yard as used on overcoats. The unusually heavy woolen material, combined with the French shape both point to the fact that Chris's USMC cap may have been fabricated by a French clothing manufacture.


Also, does anyone know what the USMC policy was in regard to the wearing of overseas caps in the United States, both during and after the war? My understanding is that the War Department banned ALL overseas caps from being worn stateside as the caps were an article of issue that was only prescribed for the AEF. Would not the same order from the War Department be applicable to the U.S. Navy & U.S. Marine Corps?


Army Doughboys returning in 1919, upon reaching whatever camp was their destination were no longer allowed to wear overseas caps. Was it the same for returning Marines?


Anyway, here is the USMC marked cap compared to a French contract, Army style, overseas cap. You can see that the weight of two caps are similar, especially along the crease folds at the top of the caps.


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This is a great topic. Here is my WW1 USMC Overseas Cap I picked up a few years ago. I believe it to be a WW1 4th or 5th US pattern cap but may be a private purchase cap. The top center fold has been omitted and sewed together into a peak that was popular well covered in this forum on Trench Caps. It also has an embroidered hole for the EGA that is also done beginning with the 4th and 5th pattern WW1 caps. The material is a soft Melton wool about 20 oz weight which is correct for the US Pattern Overseas caps. The EGA is the correct WW1 wartime model emblem. There is also a small wartime AEF pin attached on the right side. The AEF pin was not an authorized item and would have been frowned on Stateside but more than likely was added after the Armistace or boat ride home, and maybe even for a reunion. I'm going to try and attach some photos. I would appreciate any feedback or knowledge on this cap. Thanks.........Michael.



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Wow. a super USMC Glengarry cap in Forest Green. This is the one style of WW1 Marine cap that I'm still looking to pick up even though I quit buying stuff a while back. Thank you Fry for sharing it with us.

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