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M1 Carbine - Did Marine Riflemen use this weapon in the Pacific?


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I see this Marine has a rifle grenade launcher strapped to his pack.I have seen the picture for years and just noticed it.


Im also pretty sure he is the same Marine whos picture I posted(above) with the carbine.When blown up the face looks the same.I may try to lighten this picture but it looks like both have the same facial features and the moustache too.





Is that a flash hider on the muzzle of the carbine? I always associated those with the Korean war. Usually seen on the early infrared "night sight" version of the carbine.


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Some great photos here, the M1 Carbine was everywhere in WWII, officers, photographers, code talkers, seemed to be somewhat of a personal choice. In the heat of the island campaigns it certainly is understandable to want to lug around a carbine vs the Garand but

again, personal choice. Often officers carried the carbine but here's a good photo of two pretty high level brass with one of each...

Major General J. Lawton Collins and Major Charles Davis, 1943 New Guinea




And here's Lieutenant General Joseph Stilwell, with M1 carbine, at Myitkyina airfield, Burma, 17 Jul 1944




Here's a grenade launcher equipped carbine on Iwo Jima



More photos of grenade launchers for both the Garand and Carbine in another post.





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Another group in the Island campaigns that used the Carbine was the Code Talkers, here's a photo of one..




But like any other example, you can find exceptions...



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Noticed that, and according to Marine stories, he probably threw that thing as far as he could as soon as he could get a Thompson! They were not

well liked. At least in that climate. Here in police hands they were pretty ideal....

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