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Repro Vietnam jungle fatigues (Moore/Rothco questions).


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My friends son wants to patch up a jungle fatigue jacket like his Grandfathers. He's not into living history, reenacting, etc; this is just something he wants to do and wear around on his own.


Moore Militaria has some kick rump repros, but they're a bit out of his price range. Originals in his size are too pricey, too (kid is 5'11" and 190 at 17!).


That leaves the Rothco brand jackets. What's the scoop on those? I see that Moore sells them on his website as a low cost alternative, so I'd think they aren't too bad. Has anyone purchased one?



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Hi monsoon,


I personally own several sets of Moore's and they're a dead-on match to my original jacket.


If your son is an authenticity buff, from what I've seen online, Rothco's are cut too baggy, and since they're made out of ripstop material, aren't necessarily correct for Vietnam (since the vast majority of fatigues issued in Vietnam were made from standard poplin fabric - the same stuff Moore uses in his repros).


However, since your son isn't into living history or anything, he would probably be fine in some Rothco's! They definitely look the part, and he could get patches, name tapes, etc from Moore's website. Not many people besides experts could tell the difference.


Another option is cruising eBay for people reselling Moore fatigues, since after washing you can't return his fatigues.


i highly recommend http://www.vietnam-airsoft.com/phpBB3/

for information regarding uniforms, footwear, headgear, insignia, and just about everything else you could know about reenacting the Vietnam War. Here's a great topic on the basics that could come in handy: http://www.vietnam-airsoft.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=2161


Hope this helps and good luck!



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Moore's repros are highly recommendable. Since it's (I suppose) pretty cold in PA and the 'kid' is not going to wear his jacket around town right now, maybe he can save a couple of extra bucks until spring and choose one of Moore's. They are definitely worth it quality-wise.

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