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Let's see your bullion!

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Couple Divisions here, to include my latest 34th Piece. I have many more of that division.


Also included another Merrowed edge Gemsco bullion added piece, this time for the 63rd ID



"Remember Bataan, Never Forget"

Actively looking for U.S. Army Run/Swim/Walk For Your Life patches.


Treasurer, ASMIC




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Wow. Some real beauties posted here. Always a pleasure to see.


Here is one of my favorites. Italian made Marine Ship Detachment from Roger Elliott. Elliot was on the USS Grand Canyon which did a 4.5 month stopover in Naples.

RE 1.jpg


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Thanks to all the collector that have shown some of their collections! This is what I was after. More of the real stuff shown so the folks starting out or learning about the bullion patches can get a up close look. This thread might be around longer than some of us so at least the future collectors can learn a little from us! Lets keep posting them bullion ones!



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