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Let's see your bullion!


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Couple Divisions here, to include my latest 34th Piece. I have many more of that division.


Also included another Merrowed edge Gemsco bullion added piece, this time for the 63rd ID



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Here is a neat 25th division bullion that I picked up recently, the condition is terrible but the tab makes up for it I think.


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Here are some of my bullion, they are on uniformsPosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


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Wow. Some real beauties posted here. Always a pleasure to see.


Here is one of my favorites. Italian made Marine Ship Detachment from Roger Elliott. Elliot was on the USS Grand Canyon which did a 4.5 month stopover in Naples.

RE 1.jpg

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Thanks to all the collector that have shown some of their collections! This is what I was after. More of the real stuff shown so the folks starting out or learning about the bullion patches can get a up close look. This thread might be around longer than some of us so at least the future collectors can learn a little from us! Lets keep posting them bullion ones!

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Here are a couple USAREUR tabbed examples. The separate "PARIS FRANCE" tab fits the exact arc of a USAREUR patch and I believe may have been worn with it.





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