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Let's see your bullion!


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That's a sweetheart Dennis. Have never seen another one like it.


Here are a couple GOYA birds


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Some beautiful bullion patches in this thread! Here are a few loose ones I put together. Nice to take them out and let them see daylight every once and a while!


Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017 everyone!


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Here's a few from my collection. The 9th AF looks someone took a regular patch and added the bullion to it.






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Your armor patches are extraordinary.


Your Constab is not bullion, though. Although German + Austrian made examples exist with painted bullion, this is not it. By painted bullion I mean it's painted various colors, and is not gold or silver colored.

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Here are my only 2 Bullion patches. You guys have some great patches, it's great to see them, thanks for posting them.


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Thought I would start a thread on bullion patches and re-found this one. Lets get this one going again and put some more pics up of the bullion patches we all have. Showing off the real ones might let the newer, younger folks know what a non-Paki bullion patch looks like!post-3643-0-21421500-1570679069_thumb.jpg

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