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1910 Military Dress Blue Uniform Identification? National Guard ? Militia?


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Can anyone help identify this uniform. The inside tag has an address to Poughkeepsie NY tailor the tag is named and dated 1910. Is this some type of National Guard or Militia uniform uniform? The button backs are marked "Scovill mfg co. - waterbury".


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In 1910, the several NG full-dress regimental uniforms that were not regular Army regulation were expensive, highly distinctive, and used by units that were well placed both financially and socially. Hard to believe there was a unit going to the trouble of a regimental uniform based on a obsolete Army pattern that was pretty darn plain and mundane.


And those purple chevrons with the blue light infantry bugle! Try to explain those!


I agree with the previous post from KurtA - most likely a military school.


Is the sizing appropriate for a youth?

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