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HR 6234 responses from elected officials

Pete-o MSU

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Letters on the way to each of these.... Trying to get time to visit Robert but dang, I never got peach brandy!!!

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i know that no one wants to hear this but writing letters and trying to play nice does not work, congressmen do not care about the 5 collectors in their district. Furthermore between this thread and the other thread a story is coming together of Fike being a criminal and low life, scamming money to "return" purple hearts! How much is this man pocketing every year? Also he is a collector himself with hundreds in his basement! Who knows if he's even returning the original medals, some of the photos i have seen look like replacements! If he is using this as a block for running for congress, that would make him an even bigger piece of scum.

I understand that everyone wants to save face but dig up some bad stuff on this guy, leak it via social media and ruin his reputability or at the last his chances for a political position! Furthermore if some of what has been discussed is true about Fike it is possible he could be charged a crime!


I think as collectors and as americans we need to protect our rights to own property! I think politicians and Fike threatening this simple freedom that so many americans died for would make fallen service men rollover in their graves!


60 Minutes has a long tradition of doing exposes on scammers, hucksters and charlatans. Emails and letters to their producer about this proposed legislation and a link to this thread with a suggestion that they investigate his self-righteous operation and do a piece on him, along with the usual opposing viewpoint. If he were to decline to be interviewed, there is plenty they can report about his activities without him.


One can view what he is pushing (aided and abetted by eager politicians happy to wrap themselves around the flag for safe votes, blissfully ignorant of the property rights involved or how to enforce this prohibition) as a great way for him to corner the market on PHs by eliminating any competition in the market place. Imagine how fast his trove of scores of original, named PHs in his basement would grow with good-intentioned people donating them to his "cause" since that or donate it to a museum to sit in its basement would be all they could legally do with their property. Meanwhile, who's watching the watcher?

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The law, if passed, does not prohibit the possession of the Purple Heart. It might be a good idea to create a way to prove that we legally possessed the Heart(s) in our possession PRIOR to the date that the law is in effect. I would not suggest posting a list on the forum but we might consider covering ourselves somehow, or a way to prove that we legally owned these medals before there was a law. You might need to prove your lawful possession and saying you had it for years might not be good enough.

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