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In Search of WWII POW YMCA War Logs: Berkeley student

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To whom it may concern,


I have begun preliminary research for my senior thesis at UC Berkeley, and I am in desperate need of access to the War Logs that the YMCA distributed to thousands of POWs in Nazi Germany during World War II. I would like to use the War Logs as my foremost primary source given that not many of them have been analyzed for historical research, and my own personal interest in them. I have done extensive reading on the subject in the past few months and though I have gone through a handful of terrific secondary sources, I still am in need of more war logs.


I have scoured these forums and discovered a few useful threads, but a common theme I found was the frequent upload of pages that had drawings (Donald Duck's "I Wanted Wings," scenes from the camps, American women, etc) and hardly any pages filled with writing. A few members have mentioned their possession of one or more war logs but for obvious reasons they do not get around to uploading the hundreds of pages of writing. However, that is exactly what I am in search of for my research. For my paper I was hoping to focus on the experiences of downed airmen who were situated in the various Stalag Lufts, but I am open to reading any war logs so long as the writing is compelling and legible. If anyone could point me in the right direction to access other war logs online or be so kind as to upload even just a few pages from their own war logs that would be greatly appreciated. And thanks to everyone who has already uploaded pages from their war logs, they are absolutely fascinating.




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I have a number of Wartime Logs in my collection I have not shared on the forum yet. Is there specific content you are looking for?



!!!! WANTED !!!!

WWII Prisoner of War items : Medals, Mail, Diaries, Photos, Documents, Scrapbooks + More

WWII Naval Aviation Groupings : Medals, Documents, Scrapbooks, Photos, Flight Logs, Flight Jackets + More




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