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Army Air Corps Band Uniform from the CBI Theatre Made Insignia

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Hey guys I just found this at a vintage resale shop and I just could not leave it there to be worn by some jackass for next halloween. it was more than I would have liked to pay but something would not let me leave without it.


I am no Air corps guy and I have tried to do some research on it but I just can't get some simple answers about it. First how common are Band member items? I know it is pretty rare at Division level at least for a lot infantry units. Are there any good references for the band of the Air Corps? this jacket is named.


This jacket seems to be a cut down mod from a class A into an Ike. The pockets have modified to have a pleat and they have snaps on them. The buttons are all the same but not the proper ones. The jackets itself seems to have a tone of homemade or theatre made insignia when you look at it. the rank is done with some sort of braided thread, the service stripe on the sleeve is made from the same dark wool of the rank backing and the other is a sliver of the jacket material. There are some ribbons singles that look like they have been there for quite a while and the collar disks all seem to have been there as well. I guess the extra US disk was for his cap maybe? the two SSI are both theatre made and the AAC patch is almost like a thick paper or thin cardboard with the embroidery through it. The CBI is a classic theatre made piece with possibly white silk for the stripes. the Overseas bars are also not standard and are theatre made. The jacket has button cuffs for the sleeves and a snap button combo for the waist flap. I can't find any examples of other band lapel insignia like the ones below. They are screw backs made by myers NY and are actually a two piece insignia. The props have the screw portion that go through the Band Branch insignia to the screw back. The last thing is the tag, it is a homemade tag and sewn in to the jacket but it does have size stamp, and his name written in it.


Well that is the run down on it. I don't plan to keep it because it is not 90th Infantry Division but like I said i just couldn't leave it there to lord knows what fate. So I welcome all comments and hopefully someone can find a new piece for their AAC band collection, haha. I laugh because I have been searching for hours to find even remote examples and I have come up with ZIP.



Tyler Alberts




Tyler Alberts
90th Division Association / www.90thdivisionAssoc.org
Combat Reels
US Signal Corps Film Footage / www.combatreels.com



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