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Does anyone know the official date or year the EM cap badge changed from the gilt one-piece flat type to the domed two-piece type? I'm sure this must be in Army Regs somewhere, but I don't have any that go back that far.


From this type:




to this type:






Thank you



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Thank you all for your answers.


I also believe 1937 is the correct date for the new cap badge.


After digging thru my reference material, I finally found an August 1943 AR 30-3000, Price List of Clothing & Equipment that lists the EM cap badge and collar discs as M-1937.


From what I could find out, there was a lot of changes to the Army EM uniform in 1937:


New cap badge

New collar discs

New darker color for serge wool Cap and Service Coat

New trousers with new color OD 32, light shade.


This is all consistent with the examples I have.


I wanted to clear this up because I am planning on restoring some older garments to their original configuration since they are not named. Many of these older garments that survived thru the WW2 era were converted to the newer insignia. For example, I have a really nice Service Cap, Spec, QMC 8-5D dated 1930 that I will now restore with the correct older cap badge.


Thanks again,


CR :)

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