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465th Glider Field Artillery Battalion, Battery B Guidon

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This guidon has obviously seen some use and is one of the more worn ones that I own. This unit was originally formed as the 465th Glider Field Artillery Battalion, attached to the 82nd Airborne, and would've been issued 75mm pack howitzers, I presume. As the war geared up in the pacific in 1944, the unit became a normal field artillery battalion and were instead shipped out to the Philippines, where they were issued 8 inch howitzers. At least part of the unit was attached to the 43rd Infantry Division and saw some heavy combat. The flag is wartime era. Any further info is of course appreciated.



I like guidon flags. They're my bag, baby.

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That's cool that you found a guidon that is so close to your dad's unit. I don't have any from the 148th, so I can't help you get any closer.


When my dad left as the NCO of his unit, he was given a presentation flag, one that was apparently made off post. Its sort of accurate, but its the thought that counted.






I like guidon flags. They're my bag, baby.

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As a comparison, a real post-war armored guidon. The tank is a bit smaller, different fabric, etc. These are tough to locate, and the green ones are of course harder to find.



I like guidon flags. They're my bag, baby.

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Is this guidon wartime era? It's really cool to be able to connect these flags to a certain era. The 465th was only around during WW2. The 176th was active during WW2 and Korea and looks to have been part of independent field artillery groups. III Corp, took part in the Bulge. Service Compang flags are tough to find, HQ as well. I've never seen a "cannon company" flag, which would've been attached to an infantry group and labeled as "CN."



I like guidon flags. They're my bag, baby.

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awesome flags guys! I love the flown ones.

sadly mine all are packed up in bins right now.


But this was my very first flag! Found in the 1990's. This is the one that started it all for me. WWII US Army 95th Division 379th infantry unit guidon "been there, done that". From a Sgt. that was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star for valor in combat, and the purple heart for being wounded. I have his medals as well.

One of the "Iron men of Metz".




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Excellent flags. The history on both is pretty solid, and the medal grouping? Damn. If those are ever on the market, let me know... It's interesting how our paths crossed. I fought one member for my medic guidon, and bought this one from another.


Here is another from my collection. The 231st Combat Engineer Battalion, Company A. From what I can tell, they were active from 1951-1954, and may have been put together later again, but this flag is almost certainly from that time. Anyhow, while other units were sent to Korea, this unit was sent to the Nevada proving ground to build Camp Desert Rock. This camp was the home base for Operation Buster-Jangle, a series of nuclear weapons tests. The 321st built the camp, prepared for the explosions, got to observe some (three?) nuclear tests, and then had to do cleanup (whatever that means...). It sounds like that meant exposure to radiation, as here is a VA reporting on a guy from Company A, this flag, claiming to have medical issues from the testing. It's an unusual piece from an unusual period in time.




A small blurb about construction of the camp:






I like guidon flags. They're my bag, baby.

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