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746th Military Police Bn, Company C Guidon

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Picked this up a while back. I have very little history on the unit. I know that at one point they were stationed at Fort Bliss, and later on were sent to northern Europe where they served for a while. Guidon is wartime era and was stored poorly, but I washed it gently in cool water which removed some of the funk. Any further info would be much appreciated....





I like guidon flags. They're my bag, baby.

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So this program had been on ebay for a while, mocking me. I kept avoiding spending the $20 that the seller was asking, but I finally gave in. Its probably one of a kind, and I would feel dumb in ten years if I didn't get it. Its the 1942 Christmas Program for this Company. It has a full unit roster, the menu for the evening, and is signed by the company CO to "mother" on the last page. Figured I would reunite it with the flag, it had probably been 75 years since they were together. I found a guy on findagrave with the CO's name, a military veteran even. However, he would've a bit old, in his mid 40s. I suppose he could've been the CO, and this guy's mother was actually alive in 1942, so perhaps? He is even buried in Texas...













I like guidon flags. They're my bag, baby.

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