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Great items.


First HALO one I have ever seen.


Thanks for posting

In Memoriam:
Lieutenant J.Kostelec 1-3 First Special Service Force MIA/PD 4 March 1944 Italy
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attachicon.gifphoto 4 (51) M.jpg

First issue SEAL Tridents. These are bigger than what is normally seen. I have pics of these being used during Vietnam.


Spike, great post!


How much larger are these early SEAL Trident patches? I have a couple of ones that I think are early, but not sure.


I don't want to hijack your thread, is there a "pinned" thread just for UDT and/or SEAL items?




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Spike, thanks for posting the comparison. I can see the difference now. The "SEAL Trident" is about the same size but there's more blank space above and below it.


Are these early large patches more common with West Coast Teams vs. East Coast? I've seen some early shirts (East Coast) that have the smaller patch.


Here's an early shirt with both UDT and Trident patches. I say early, based on the pocket style etc., plus the UDT tape.... but I really don't know for sure when the Trident patch was added. Looking at the back of the shirt, it appears it's been there a while and the stitching is similar.


Edited... shirt tag "DSA100-76..."


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Digi-shots, I believe the bigger tridents were more West Coast. The shirt you show is fine. By that time EVERYone, either UDT or SEAL wore the Trident.


Firefighter, that is my understanding as well. I have several of the silver Tridents.

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This is one of two shirts named to the same veteran that I got a a few weeks ago. It's an early USMC "Gomer Pyle" shirt that has been re-appropriated as a Navy shirt. The front pocket was removed, turned inside out (to hide the USMC and EGA stamping) and resewn. In doing so, the inside map pocket was sewn shut and can't be used. The white residue looks like glue or adhesive. It came like this, so I'll leave it there.


The Commander graduated in 1962 with Coronado Class 29, served with UDT-11, CO of UDT-22, SEAL Team 1 and Commander of Special Boat Squadron Two. He made two deployments to Vietnam, one in 1964 and the other in 1965. (still doing research on him).


The second shirt named to him (without a Trident) is WWIII vintage and has in-country made jump wings patch. You can see a faint USN stamping on the pocket.


Thanks for looking!





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Here is a Trident that could be a genuine late SVN war period piece. I've not come across one like this before. A particular eBay seller ( mcnamees-market) was selling a large number of SVN made insignia that all looked genuine. This Trident was among this horde of SVN made insignia being sold off in February of 2015. If this was being sold by itself and not part of this group of SVN insignia I would be wary that it was a copy embroidered on ERDL camouflage material.








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