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Update to the Spoils of War Forum

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To our members:


Due to discussion of some of the recent posts on the Spoils of War forum, the posting rules have been revised as follows:


"SPOILS OF WAR RULES This section is for foreign items, enemy or allied, brought back by a US soldier, sailor or airman. Preferably these posts include the story of the serviceman who brought them home. Items clearly marked as war prizes or are accompanied by capture papers are also acceptable. Items posted that do not meet these criteria may be removed."


We've broadened this category to include items that have clear GI engraving, military intelligence collection stamps, unit member signatures, original inventory tags, capture papers, etc.


After discussion, it was felt that such objects also had the potential to tell the story of American GI's and their experience coming home from war.




Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
Specializing in Fakes and Reproductions
of the Vietnam War



"One is easily fooled by that which one loves."


Moliere: Tartuffe





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