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President of the United States special Goverment medals (POTUS sGm)

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Fifteen different types of medals were awarded/issued by President Eisenhower (1958 - 1961). President Kennedy (1963) awarded/issued a single medal type.


These medals were awarded/issued to US Military, Department of State, and civilians personnel who provided services for the President. Pilots, security, communications, trip planners, embassy staff, garage mechanics, etc...


These medals were undocumented in military, historical, and numismatic catalogs from 1958 - 2013. In late 2013, I started to research these medals and documented my findings in a book. I used the National Archives as my primary source for information to complete my research. In my research, I have come upon records that identify the individual who were awarded/issued these medals.


I'm looking for medals for my collection.


I'm looking for individuals with stories of being awarded/issued these medals.


For additional information of these medals and my research, visit this link. http://www.potus-sgm.com/


Below is the known group of the Class 2 medals awarded/issued by President Eisenhower.


If you are an Ike fan, you will notice that the location/year of the medals correspond to President Eisenhower's trips. These medals are incorrectly called "President Eisenhower Trip Medals". Several of the medals are "event or location medals". Paris Summit is an event. Newport is the location of Ike's Summer White House.


The image below are the Class 2 medals (same size and thickness as a US Morgan or Peace silver dollar).






There are 4 other classes of these medals.



Last thing I need to mention is that these medals are presidential artifacts, either awarded by Ike himself or issued with the direction of Ike.


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