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USS Pelias "Polly" Patch and Doll


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Hi, everyone! Well, I made my second embroidered patch and thought I would share it on here. :) A forum member has an Uncle (his hero) who served on the USS Pelias. Well, he really wanted a patch and I ended up making him on for his birthday. He didn't want the mermaid silhouettes that run around the rim or the black lettered name (OK. Even though I am an ardent Disney fan, I agreed with him that those two points just didn't add much to the overall design. Good on a large illustration . . . not so good on a small patch . . . however . . . ). Sis didn't photograph the patch next to a ruler, but the felt circle was 3". I cut the circle, and that way he could choose to have the circle or trim around the mermaid.


He was also expecting his first granddaughter, and I found a little blond mermaid doll and customized it so that she was in Polly's colours and had a flower in her hair. Also embroidered "Polly" on the back of her top. This was just a fun thing to add to the patch, but I thought I'd post it here, too.


The patch is completely hand embroidered, no machine involved in the making of this!















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Wow excellent work and your patch is almost too good in that it could pass for the real thing once there is a little wear like having it sewn on a uniform, laundered (shrinkage) and then removed leaving stitching marks. Maybe using one of those thin permanent black felt pins to write REPRO or even your name (artist) on the back as long as it doesn't bleed through.

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Johnny Signor

Hey Elizabeth , again another Awesome work for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)



had a great time meeting you and your Mom, sis and G mom , hope your trip home was a nice one .

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