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76th Div. Chaplain sign


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This was found in a house near Zwickau (eastern Germany) this summer.

I think I share it, because it is the first one of this kind that I saw.

Can someone tell me, what the R r means, maybe roman catholic??

Are there any period photographs out there, with a sign like this?


Gruß christian


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Great sign! You may want to send a message to USMF member Chap15. He’s an active duty U.S. Army chaplain, and can probably answer your question. I don’t know anybody who knows more about WWII chaplain items than him.

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The symbol beside the letter R looks like the Greek letter "rho," something very much associated with Roman Catholic iconography, especially Chi Rho.





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As an aside, the 76th Infantry Division used the letter “T” for its codenames, except the artillery battalions. These names appeared on division road signs.


76th Inf Div = Triangle

Division Artillery = Tropic

76th Sig Co = Trio

301st Eng Cbt Bn = Transit

304th Inf Rgt = Tripod

385th Inf Rgt = Trolley

417th Inf Rgt = Trigger

302nd FA Bn = Highride

355th FA Bn = Highsaint

364th FA Bn = Hardness

901st FA Bn = Highskill

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First, I have no clue about the symbol but, I highly doubt it represents anything denominal. Second, contact Chap15 as was suggested, if he can't answer you, there may not be an answer. Finally, that is the most awesome Chaplain sign I've seen in some time. Very cool.

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