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World War I Y.M.C.A. Impression

carthage light guard

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carthage light guard

I would like to get into WWI living history, but I’m getting a little “long in the tooth” to portray a soldier. I am thinking about putting together a Y.M.C.A. impression. Apart from getting a reproduction uniform and displaying original items distributed to soldiers by the “Y,” I’m wondering if forum members had any other ideas for such a display. Should I reprint some items to hand out to the public? (clearly marked as reproductions, of course). Give a short talk to the “troops” about topics that concerned the “Y”? Hand out hot chocolate (just kidding on that one). Any other ideas?





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world war I nerd

You might consider reproducing YMCA stationary (envelops and or writing paper) and handing that out. Other than coffee, snacks, cigarettes, candy & chewing gum stationary was perhaps the one article that American Doughhboys relied on the most as it enabled them to send letters home to friends & family. Writing paper, for the most part was non-existent at the front


YMCA stationary also had loads of different letterheads, such as:


"On Active Service With American Expeditionary Forces" - "American Expeditionary Forces Army of Occupation" - "Young Men's Christian Association of The United States" - "On Active Service With Allies North Russia Expeditionary Forces" to name a few.


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The "Y" was very big into entertainment of the troops. I have a female "Y" entertainer uniform that I take to my school presentations. She wears the typical female YMCA dress with the triangle on the right sleeve with the word "entertainer" in blue embroidery on a red bar horizontally across the center. Perhaps you can sing to the troops? Actually the men of the "Y" were not very popular with the troops, at least in the AEF. Stateside was a different story. The "Y" girls were popular everywhere! MHJ

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