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AAF A-3 air matress

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Found this the other day...did not know what it was, but looked like it was WWII era...was no stamps that I could see, till I washed it with hot water...besides all the grime that came off..an amazing (not really) thing happened..


the first set is post wash and dry...stamps could be seen but still very faded...



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<p>and then wiped with a damp cloth....a pretty good score for a late, very late WWII AAF air mattress...March of 45</p>

<p> </p>

<p>will go good with the A-3 sleeping bag</p>



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Leave it to the fly-boys to have an air mattress in WW II! Great Find!

Thanks for posting it.


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was a pic on line showing guys in the cargo of a C47 or C46 all camped out with mattress and sleeping bags...maybe in an arctic training scenario...would like to find the A-2 tent...would help complete the set...

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