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864th aviation engineers wartime newspapers

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So my uncle recently passed away and I got a lot of his military items. One of the things he had were around 7 wartime newspapers that were printed and written by his unit, the 864th aviation engineers. I would like to know how rare these pieces are. I've never seen any before and I think they are unique. Also pictured is a "War is over" soldier made newspaper issued in Luzon. They are a little covered up by other newspapers, but they needed to be put and preserved in a frame pretty much when I got them


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helmets_of_history/

Website: https://www.middleeastmilitaria.com


Interested in any middle eastern bringbacks

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Unit newspapers for any conflict are fairly rare. You figure only a few hundred copies would have been printed, and newspaper is quite fragile. The U.S. Army Engineer Museum at Fort Leonard Wood has about 300 different unit newspapers from WW1 to Vietnam. Approximately 90% of these are wartime newspapers.

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