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Help with Gentex MC-1 Helmet

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Try looking into the H-5 series of helmets.Late 50's early 60's.Many variations and experimental models.May also be a strategic bomber helmet or helo.

Just some thoughts.







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Thanks for the info. Was searching MC 1 and H5 today online no luck on the MC1 but found a

H5 that is identical to this one except like you said it has the leather oxygen mask tabs.


Any idea where to find an original mic and bracket

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The USN/USMC H-5 flight helmet had a different communications cable and plug. The oxygen mask used on the H-5 would be a variation of the MS-22001 (A-13A). The goggles for your MC-1 helmet may be the Sun/Wind/Dust goggles, similar to the M-1944 goggles? bellsaviation.com or garciaaviation.com should have the correct boom microphone for the MC-1 helmet. Both dealers have other surplus besides aviation. Hope this helps.

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