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US Army Distinguished Marksmanship Badge - In Gold

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I found this badge last week at a antique show here in Texas. I normally don’t buy/collect shooting badges but I do collect 36th Infantry Division items (having been a former member of the Texas Army National Guard) and the badge is named to a MSG Edward W. Boyle of the 144th Inf Regt, Texas Army National Guard,


I know that it is US Army Distinguished Marksmanship Program Badge. The badge comes in three classes (Gold, Silver and Bronze). This badge appears to be a 1st class (gold) but the fastening brooch is bronze in color. I know that this is the National Army Brooch and not the typical brooch that reads “US Army”. I am unsure if there is only one type of fastening brooch for the award or did the fasting brooch also come in the corresponding color as the class of award?


Also, did everyone on the Team get an award or were these badges individual performance? I was fortunate to find a picture of MSG Boyle with his team on-line.








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US Army Distinguished Marksmanship Program Badge with "U.S. Army" fastening Brooch



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I believe this is a "Leg" badge, referred to as "Team Marksmanship Badge," earned by members of the winning team in match competition. If I remember correctly, after earning three "Leg" matches qualified the shooter to be awarded the Distinguished Marksman's Badge. Jack

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Thank you for the replies and Michael thank you for the link.

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This is an individual award called the Excellence In Competition Badge (EIC). Back in the 1930's they were called the Army Rifle Team and Army Pistol Team Badges. The one pictured would be Army Rifle Team (Infantry) because of the crossed rifles clasp below the brooch and the light blue ring on the medallion. Different branches of service had different colored rings, and there was also a pistol award with crossed pistols clasp below the brooch. The oak leaf brooch designated it as National Guard.


My dad had four of them that I know of. I can vaguely remember them. They were stolen many years ago but I still have the original orders awarding them to him in 1936 and 1937, a pistol and rifle badge each year. The first two in 1936 were Infantry badges with the blue ring, one rifle and one pistol. The second two were coast artillery with a red ring, one rifle and one pistol. They all had the oak leaf brooch as shown in your photo as they were National Guard, not the US ARMY.

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