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M1 carbine toy rifle

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Does anyone have any info on this toy. It is fairly primitive but I think it wasn't made by Grandpa. It looks too "good". It is a simple clicker toy gun but certainly made of an original M1 carbine stock set.



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I've got a Thompson that is similar... Eerily good looking stock that I thought was original, but is made of laminated 1/2" strips of walnut. Too good for the backyard workshop, but no brand or anything...

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I agree that isn't an original carbine stock. No slot for the bolt. Butt to square. No oiler. Lastly....funkyyyyyyyyy.

Very neat little gun. And also grandpa can do some good work. Notice the toy grandpa made M1 Garand pictured below.




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We have an active discussion on this very type of M1 Carbine toy at the following link:




A good friend of mine recently acquired one, and I recently acquired a vintage photo of one in the hands of a soldier, stateside.


Does yours have any type of markings on it? Are you interested in selling it?


David Albert


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