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Trusted WWII Medal Dealers?

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Can anyone recommend a WWII medal dealer?


I highly recommend our own Robert Wilson of Tarbridge Military Collectibles. Here is a link to his website.




Robert is a top-notch gentleman to deal with and I would recommend him with NO hesitation. Robert sells in our For Sale section here quite often.




PS Robert, you can make the check out to kvskelton. Just kidding! :D

Have you ever noticed that people who are brutally honest seem to take more pleasure from the brutality than from the honesty?





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Many of us have done business with Robert over the years. As others have said, he is honest and stands behind everything he sells or trades. He also is willing to share helpful information. It's important to note that there are other honest dealers on this forum; however, the vast majority of my business has been with him.

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Jeff Floyd and Robert are good recommendations. Other dealers that get nice medal sets from time to time are Baystate Militaria and Military Aviation Artifacts. I done business with both and have had no problems at all.



AAF Collector...........
**Always Buying WW2 Aviation Related Items: Especially Operation Tidal Wave items (1st Ploesti Raid) ..... WW2 Fighter Ace Related Items.....Higher End A-2 Flight Jacket Groups....AAF Related Valor Medal Groups**

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