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WW1 Company C, 355th Infantry, 89th Division Ring - Roster Help!

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I have this ring from a member of Company C, 355th Infantry, 89th Division. It has the initial B.J.T on the side and I am trying to identify the soldier. I have found rosters on line for the 89th war dead, wounded, and Officers, but nothing for individual companies. Would anyone on the forum have a listing of members of Company C, or lead me to a website where I can narrow down the name of the solder?





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Hey Phill, Thanks for the roster. I must have looked that list over 5 times and I cant find anyone with the exact initials. There are some probable persons, but they were not in Company C. The initials look like BJT to me, but maybe i'm wrong, or maybe they mean something else and are not his initials. Thanks for the roster though.

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Hi Johnny


There is a possibility W J Tellison,Poole Nebraska.


Sometimes the shorten name Bill is used instead of William.


Pg 132



However couldn't make a match in WWI Draft Rego maybe its a start?





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Hey Phill,


Yeah, I thought he was the best possibility of all on the lists because he is not shown to have a specific Company assignment in the rosters. I have tried the web and Ancestry.com and have not been able to find a W. J. Tellison. I think it could be him, but I'll have to dig a little deeper in my research.


Thanks, John

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I have a ring that is of the same design but the front of it reads HQ Co on the top of the crest and 336/INF in the middle with US NA on the bottom. I am wondering what the US NA stands for, my assumptions were Naval Academy? I am new to collecting and just picked this ring up it also has initials on the side of JCF. I would love to figure out who it actually belonged to to add to the story. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ryan

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USNA stands for United States National Army. In WW1 there was the regular army, the federalized national guard and divisions of draftees. They all got mixed up with transfers and replacements, but that is how they started out. The 89th Division was part of the national army.

Thanks for the info, I understand hq co is for headquarter company and obviously 336th infantry. From what I have researched they operated under the 84th which was a combination of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky troops and they were nicknamed the rail splitters. Not sure where to begin searching for the initials for the name on the side of the ring though.


Thanks again, Ryan

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