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AUDIO CASSETTE CONVERTER-My newest collection enhancement!

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I have about 15-20 hours of audio interviews of veterans that I conducted in the 1990's including about three hours of my father talking about his wartime experiences. These are all on audio cassettes that can be easily impacted by environmental conditions such as heat, or just old age. I have been looking for a good solution to digitizing these cassettes with the idea that I would post some of the interviews on my website. In the past, I have tried with limited success to record directly to my PC using the old recorder that i used. It transferred the sound just fine, but there is a clicking sound that really annoyed me. I tried using a newer personal cassette player such as a Walkman, but the PC wouldn't pick up the audio.


I searched eBay for a solution and found the Cassette2USB Converter. Its about the size of a portable cassette player and it is powered by the USB connection to your PC. It had a majority of good reviews so I paid the $29.71 and took a chance. So far, I have had good luck. I just finished copying an interview I did in 1993 and the quality is very good. The files can be saved as MP3 or WAV. Also, it comes with audio editing software for both PC and Mac. The seller was KRG250 and they were very fast to ship.


If anyone has tried other products or has recommendations about preserving these old tapes, please feel free to post here.










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