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1st Cav Division Cav Scout Cigarette Lighter


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I picked up this nice cigarette lighter at the weekend flea market. While I've seen several unit lighters, this was my first opportunity to buy one.


The lighter bears the 1st Cavalry Division patch on one side with the opposite side engraved with:



Saber "12"

B Troop 1/9 Cav


Scout's 70-71


You haven't lived

until you've

almost died




I posted this on the FaceBook page for 1/9 Cavalry and immediately received response that this referenced the small Light Observation Helicopters, which took tremendous casualties.


"Scouts would have been part of the unit, and the lighter probably belonged to either a gunner/observer, or a warrant officer who flew in an OH-6 helicopter."


"The Scouts worked in unison with Cobra gunships, and they did the aerial recon and started many of the battles the First CAV Div was involved in during the Vietnam War. When the Cobras and OH-6's flew together they were called Hunter Killer teams."




However, within the hour I received email from the Platoon Leader for the very unit on the cigarette lighter. His message reads:


I was the Aeroscout Platoon Leader in B Troop 1/9 Cav from Apr '71 to May '72 at

Bear Cat and then Lassiter, RVN. Saber 12 would have been WO1 Mitchell or WO1

Burblinger. Mr. Mitchell "Turtle" made it home. Mr. Burblinger "Bubbles" did not.
Cheers, Batman







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The front looks like a factory engraving and the reverse done overseas, Vietnam or elsewhere.Who is the maker of the lighter?


No makers marking on it.


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