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AAA-O ? 32nd Army Air Defense Command Pennant

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AAA-O “Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, Bar Nothing!” I always attributed this motto to 9th InfDiv or 39th InfRgt.


I found this pennant at the German Arty School in Idar-Oberstein yesterday. Obviously a gift from soldiers of the 32nd Army Air Defense Command, maybe presented when visiting the school. In 1963 5th MSL Bn, 6th Arty (Nike) was deployed very close to Idar-Oberstein in Baumholder. This unit was part of the 32nd.




When regarding the backside the AAA-O motto came to mind at once. Of course it could only mean Anty Aircraft Artillery but...


32 AADC.jpg


32 AADC 2.jpg





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Interesting piece. AAA-O was a big deal even when I was assigned to that unit in the 70's but I never saw it displayed that way but I'm no expert either, perhaps due to the flag size. It was always AAA-O on the original stuff and our Brigade HQ's had several pieces from WW2 in a display case. I understand this is more modern but certainly a curiosity.


I'm curious what it turns out to be.

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