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Army Air Force Lincoln Welder

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I doubt you will find pictures of it on the flightline...It is a 220 VAC welder...so they would need a portable generator capable of supplying 220 VAC, and the USAAF might have had them but...most likely an in shop machine....used in the fabrication hanger/shop or repair hangers where 220 was more likely to be found....


Are you going to restore to operational use?..would be a great project...

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I would love to restore it to operational use. I have lots of leads kicking around, and I have access to some newer parts welders as well. Does anyone have any pictures of this particular welder? Possibly in a field manual or supply catalog?

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there are several pics on the net...and you can contact Lincoln.. I talked with a bud who has a bud who has a cousin that works for Lincoln, as an engineer....they went ape over your welder...so it can be brought back to life...the internals if still present can be freshened up

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