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Utility Sqd-7 (VU-7) Leather patch for veteran .......

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That's beautiful work!

INTERESTED IN: Anything to do with the Douglas A-26/B-26 Invader, and the men who flew and crewed them. Photos, Patches, Manuals, anything, and everything.

Units of interest for me, in particular: 5th AF: 3rd Bomb Group, 7th AF: 319 BG, 9th AF: 386th BG, 391st BG, 409th BG, 410th BG, 416th BG, 10th AF: 12th BG, 341st BG, 12th AF: 47th BG, 5th AF: 17th Bomb Wing, 452nd Bomb Wing

1st Special Operations Wing, 606th SOS, 609th SOS, plus all of the ANG and other miscellaneous units.


I'm slowly putting all of my work into a Wiki-based museum, the Invader Historical Foundation - the most complete, most accurate reference for Invaders anywhere. http://claybornglobal.com/IHF/index.php/Main_Page

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