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WW2 Plasma bottle/ glassware group


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Picked up this grouping of medical related items the other day and thought I would share it. This all came from a doctor that served during WW2. There is other medical stuff that came with the group, such as syringes and a few other things but I figured this would be the most interesting stuff to post. The plasma bottle has been opened from the can but has never been used. I am missing the needles that came with it but I still chalk this up to a win. I have seen some of the water bottles to go with it but was not able to find the actual plasma. Also picture is a nice assortment of glassware with the medical department insignia stamped on them.


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Finally just noticed this posting from last Fall and just wanted to say what a fantastic example you have there! It was a grail item for me and literally took years to find an example myself (also Driset).


You're absolutely right, the distilled water bottles pop up quite often, but hardly ever do you see someone that has kept the actual dried human plasma for 70+ years!




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Thats neat.


I found a couple of the bottles but that's great having the contents.

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I have a plasma bottle still sealed in the box. Has a label stating it was released as surplus and not needed by the armed forces. Has an expiration date of Feb. 1949 but no packaging date.




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