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Thunderbirds 45th Div at the Swiss border


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Awesome pictures Dogface44. thumbsup.gif

Thanks for sharing.


How did you come by them?

Do you have anymore info on the Officers or Regiment?

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Great matching and superb photos! very good work thumbsup.gif .


I like the way the officers have cut their net to show their rank's insignias. Never seen this practice before!



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General Apathy

Hi Dogface44, thanks for posting these photo's of the 45th Div, there are many interesting points there to see.


I was friends for a number of years with Ernest Childers a creek native indian from Oklahoma, he won the medal of honor in Italy in 1943 when he was a Lt., until sadly he died about three years or so ago.


Would be interested to see more of the 45th if you have any.


Cheers ( Lewis )

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Hello Ken and Sandro.

Thanks for your comments - these pictures were taken by local people in the small town of Vallorbe in the French speaking part of Switzerland.




An elderly lady whom we interviewed told us the American major with the moustache was of Swiss ancestry and that it was his own wish to come at

the border to see the land of his ancestors. So this made me lose my initial excitment thinking this was a special liaison TF or so...


I have other pictures of other non id'd US troops at that same spot taken at a later date - I can post them I you want to have a look.


Sandro: Do you mean the Swiss officers ? Isnt the helmet guys a Lt ? (One star ?) - Im not that accurate about the swiss army!


Ken, thanks for your comments - I remember we talked about Childers together last time we visited with Allan! If I remember well you were also a friend of 3rd Div MOH recipient Maurice Footsie Britt am I right ?


Its quite amazing to note that the 45th Div had 2 MOH recipients who were Native Americans, Ernest Childers and Van Barfoot.





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