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flight helmet collection show sanicole 2016 Belgium

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Hi guys,


This weekend we did a airshow with our helmet collection , this was the Sanicole Airshow Belgium.

We did the evolution of flight helmets with the Belgium Air Force , allot is U.S.A rellated beqause we flow with a few great American examples like thunderstreak ,thunderflash , shooting star , the great starfighter, fighting falcon and hopefully the new F-35 typhoon.

Added is my godchild in the F-16 cockpitt with one of the new helmet i received that week .


hopre you guys like it...




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That's cool they let him sit in the cockpit and he sure looks to be having a ball. Maybe a future aviator.

RIP Molly...Oct. 2000 - July 2013 For 13 years you have been my best friend and companion, giving love and asking only for love in return. May you rest now, free from your pain. I will miss you girl, and will keep you in my heart forever....the sweetest dog and best friend ever! I'll see you again one day.


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