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28th Division Soldier - POW Diary of Life in Prison Camp + More

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I picked up this diary today.

It is a diary of PFC. William A. Hartweg who was a POW in Stalag VIIA in barracks VIIA from 7-31-44 until 4-30-45.

The seller has transcribed about 3/4 of the diary and he is giving me his transcription in a composition book.

Also comes with some patches including his 28th patch and a German Latvija patch which Hartweg liberated.

It is more than 70 pages. It tells this GIs story from the time he was captured in a night raid by the Germans in the summer of 1944 until he was released in 1945. It is over 70 pages and each page has 7 diary entries.
He talks about being transported by train to Stalag VIIA. He discusses the train being straffed by P-47s.
There is discussion about how the POWs were interrogated and deprived of food. How they lived off of their Red Cross parcels.
He goes through France to Munchen.
He says that the POWs are used to clean up the bombed out cities in Germany.
He visits a concentration camp upon release.
There is much more but I don't want to go on and on (probably already have).
It's an interesting piece and I am happy with it.




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Nice little group! It was not unusual for POWs to use German calendar books as diaries,


Well done!



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Thank you.


Here is some info on the 28th around the time he was captured:


The 28th Infantry Division after training in England, landed in Normandy, France, 22 July 1944, and entered the hedgerow struggle north and west of St. Lo. Inching their way forward against desperate opposition, the men of the 28th took Percy, 1 August, and Gathemo, 10 August. On the 12th, Brigadier General Wharton was killed a few hours after assuming command.


He was captured July 31 and it was probably reported August 2nd.

In his diary he talks about traveling through France while a prisoner.

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