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Connecticut to Lexington Ky Road Trip


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Had a good vacation 'road trip' to Massachusetts a few weeks ago, and Wednesday I leave for Lexington Ky for a wedding on Saturday.




Any thoughts on the best route to enjoy the drive and country and maybe hitting up some antique shops, firearms dealers, olde fashioned Army - Navy stores and flea markets?


Figure I'll get to around Morgantown WV on Wednesday, and get to Lexington on Friday.


And places to stay with good road food..


Thanks in advance.


Steve T

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A number of places in Gettysburg -- some even with reasonable prices.


I second that- I haven't passed through any of the shops in many years but there were a few that I can remember. That said, if you pass thorough Harrisburg check out the city Civil War museum, and the museum at Gettysburg is great as well. For a smaller operation, the Harrisburg museum was surprisingly modern and they had some rarer pieces when we stopped in a few months ago.

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