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WWII K ration, sent home by vet


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I picked this ration up two years ago and I have posted it here before. It is a breakfast K ration produced by Kellogg's. It has been wrapped in wax paper, sealed in wax, and wrapped in twine. What is interesting about this is it has some info scratched into the wax. June 6,1944, LST-308, K. S. Dorr. What I find cool about this ration is I think that the box has personal effects inside sent home by the vet, which would explain why it was sealed up.


LST-308 was a tank landing ship that did participate in the invasion of Normandy. After playing with Google I was able to find a match to the name. Kenneth Sterling Dorr was a crewman on both LST-285 and LST-308. I do not know where he was at during D-Day though. What little bit of info I did find on him shows he lived about an hour away, so I don't believe this to be something somebody just randomly put on the ration.


Does anybody have access to muster rolls for LST-285 and LST-308? I would love to find some more info on Kenneth Dorr. Now onto the pictures. Thanks for looking!






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Makes me wonder if he survived the war. This was important enough to go through all this trouble & ship it home, then never open it.


I'd be dying to find out what's inside! Great piece...

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