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parachute eye candy from F106

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This is a chute that you do not see everyday...the F-106 was opened up at the AMC Museum, DAFB...inside was the parachute used (assuming) when it was flown in to the base from Tyndall AFB, saved from drone destruction...

Parts of the nylon has been faded by the sun...was interesting to see the LPU-3/P attached to the harness via zippers...




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Will check for a PN this week for you.. I am going to petition, the chute be brought inside for preservation...I would think the life support shop could provide a nice condemned B18/22 chute to put in it's place for outside display..


the LPU was last inspected in 97 and the container has a 95 service date stenciled...

the red top flap is also stenciled WARNING EXPLOSIVE DEVICE...

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The BA-24 was a BA-22 that was modified with the automatic seat-survival kit opener cable assy. The force deployed parachute assy. may have a different BA-?? designation. Someone will have to reference Poynter's book. The force deployed parachute was used in aircraft such as later F-106,

F-105, possibly F-104, and the early YA-10A Thunderbolt II.

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The link above is good info...nice TO reference...chute is now indoors protected from the environment and UV rays...


Still what is odd, and IMO the most interesting, is the attached LPU-3P to the harness...Attached with Zippers, string, and snaps (zipper heads snapped in place preventing the unzip of bladder pouch)


Seems like a very hazardous combination...assuming the aircrewman would have to release the parachute canopy ...but still the weight of the parachute container and harness

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