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I have some of those you picture here, but not any other ones. I like these, they must have been popular during the war and immediately thereafter. I wonder if many vets wore them?



Pete I was wondering that too. I think they were.



ASMIC #1098


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Here is a photo of four of these lapel pins from my collection. Since I specialize in WWII Airborne, that's what you see here. I find it interesting that there would be a lapel pin for a Ghost Division as well as the odd variation of the 82nd Airborne Division pieces. Obviously, the blue 82nd patch with a red background is an oddity. I know for a fact that many other unit insignias are out there. About 35 years ago, I gave one of these with a 10th Mountain Division insignia to Senator Bob Dole. I have seen them with Airborne Troop Carrier, and with Airborne Command and the 13th and 17th Airborne Divisions.


These can be addicting. Good luck finding more.




Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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