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Navy Seals

Sgt. Amoslch

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The thing you need to do is look at pictures and pay attention to details. I have 1000's of photos of SEALs in VN and I have never seen Converse shoes worn on ops. SEALs had alot of leeway in what they wore, I have footage of SEALs coming back from ops wearing Levi's and blue and gold shirts as operating gear and then you get guys that wore issued ERDL shirts pants and regular issued gear. Every platoon was different as well as all the men in it. Team 2 tended to stay away from Levi's but they too wore them. Jungle boots and coral shoes were worn the most, some guys went bare foot. Just look at real pictures, not pictures in books that show what the author thinks they wore/used.

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If you are wanting an accurate impression, you're better off wearing a pair of ERDL trousers because a dark pair of Levi's "Big E" jeans in a human size are pretty expensive depending on era and condition. They do make convincing repros (primarily for the Japanese market), but a good pair will cost $175.00+.


As far as shoes, look for a pair of circa 1980's - 90's coral shoes. They look very close to Vietnam examples. There are also plenty of Vn era jungle boots out there...



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Where is the UDT LIFE JACKET. Do you have an H harness or web gear. Got to have a Ka-Bar. Jungle boots are a must. Ammo pouches, web belt, canteens. Triangualr bandage. Get back to me if you need more info. I was in Vietnam. SEAL TEAM ONE. MIKE Platoon 1971.

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I myself, am not into reenacting, but I always give those credit who at least try....whether their

impression is "not very good" - "alright" - or "excellent".....it's an effort at the end of the day.

We all have to make errors prior to getting it 100%....






Good call on the H-Harness! :thumbsup:




If I had to make a suggestion that wouldn't run you a ton of cash, I'd agree with one of the other members

who had posted on here, definately get yourself some Erdl trousers. I would get them in Green Dominant

and make sure they are VN issue, not the later post-war ones....or RDF as some call it....you might as well get the real deal as they are fairly cheap already for a pair of used ones in o.k condition.

Grab yourself a repro Golden Tigerstripe shirt.....look around for a used one perhaps, and you will save yourself some bucks, plus it'll make your impression even better.

It all depends on how serious you wish to be with doing this!





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Some of my team mates wore only the pistol belt with Ka-Bar, Canteens, first aid kit. Guys who carried the Stoner with a drum or box or M60 usually carried thier extra ammo in belts wrapped diagonally around their torso. I carried extra boxes in M16 Ammo pouches with the canvas tops cut off. Canteen pouches are also good for carrying extra belted ammo and M79/XM148/XM203 ammo.

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