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Marines in Nicaragua - 1/35 scale figures shadowbox vignette

Old Marine

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Hey Dennis,

Definitely the ICM kit along with your mishmashing and kitbashing of the figures along with the WWI Weapons & Equipment kit really helps in making that awesome diorama.

Your use of the figures, the reference pictures and coloring are dead on. This is a fine diorama. I wonder if the Marine Corps museum is accepting dioramas and artwork from Marine vets or civilians.

You really blew it out of the water with this one.


Semper Fi.



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Looks very great. And a nice idea for a display. Thank`s for this background information, too.

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Another outstanding presentation Dennis. Your craftsmanship and vision are apparent in this diorama. Interesting background information as well. Thanks for showing! Bob

- Dedicated to my Uncle Ches -

General Ferdinand Joseph Chesarek

United States Army
Feb. 18, 1914 to Nov. 20, 1993


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