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AAF Navigator's Gas Detection Brassard

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I picked up an AAF Navigator's grouping this weekend and not until after I bought it, brought it home, and was unpacking the box did I notice that there was a gas brassard in the lot. That was a nice surprise. So, evidently these were issued to USAAF personnel as well as paratroops and infantry.



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In researching this fellow it appears he flew on a couple if D-Day bombing missions, so I wonder if these were issued to air crews ahead if the invasion in case they were shot down. Thoughts?

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Hi Nack,

I think your brassard is great, that must have been a nice surprise. Thanks for sharing it with us.

As for it being issued to those other than paratroopers, you are correct. As an example, my late father was a C-47 pilot in the Air Transport Command. After a stint as a flight instructor, he went overseas in July 1944 and was stationed at Bovington airfield, outside of London. Anyway, among other things, I have his navigation briefcase full of orders and lists of the equipment he was issued. For overseas deployment, in addition to his flight clothing and equipment, he was issued a full set of Army officer's field equipment which included web gear, a steel helmet, .45 pistol with shoulder holster and M8 trench knife. Also on the list is a lightweight service gas mask and two gas detection brassards, issued by the Chemical Corps. Other than the pistol and holster, he never used any of this gear, or took it with him when flying, it was stored for him on the base. I would guess the same would be true for your navigator.

Regards, Paul

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I'm a bit surprised there's no comments. Aren't these pretty rare and desirable? Maybe I should have titled the thread "paratrooper gas brassard" to up the interest?


Great job


Crapgame: His name is Kelly. Used to be a Lieutenant, pretty good one too-

until someone gave him orders to attack the wrong hill. Wiped out half a company of GI's...

Somebody had to get the blame so he got picked....

Oddball (Laughing): Oh man, I don't like officers...

Crapgame (Laughing): Neither does he, so relax!

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