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USMC Garrison Cap - Made in Australia


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Hello Gents,


Today I was lucky enough to find a nice 1943 dated Australian made USMC side cap. The cap is in mint condition and has a small hole designed to take a screw back badge, but has a K.G. Luke marked collar as the hat badge. Does anyone have any other information on these caps?






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Cap probably made during rest and refit fro 1st Marine division after Guadalcanal. It was made in the state of Victoria but EGA doesn't look like Australian made. I think it's officers M1926 version.

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We all know the nicknames (pisscutter, and others more offensive), but in the Marine Corps it's not a side cap. It's called a garrison cap, or garrison cover.

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That is very cool with the correct K.G. Luke emblem. An Aussie-made cap and emblem! The left-facing collar emblem would be correct for the garrison cover.

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