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Unknown Patches - Updating my What the heck is this list - Take a Look

Salvage Sailor

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Salvage Sailor
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Salvage Sailor

Bumpity, bumpity, bump

2020......., another look to resolve these mysterious patch identities.....

UNK 10 - the mysterious Red Fox

UNK 16 - Compass

UNK 17 - Scrotum

UNK 18 - SAR

UNK 19 - Eleven - Ace Novelty

UNK 23 - Duck with Parachute

UNK 24 - 8 Stars Paratus

UNK 25 - 5 The First String - Ace Novelty

UNK 26 - We Try Harder Vietnam

For Larger Photos and Details - Scroll up on the pages of this topic

UNK 016b.jpg

UNK 017b.jpg

UNK 018b.jpg

UNK 019b.jpg

UNK 023b.jpg

UNK 024c.jpg

UNK 025b.jpg

UNK 026b.jpg

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UNK 17- I played around with this one for quite some time, but I think I have it. ISHAANDEN is Danish for "Ice Hand" which is used to say "my hands are freezing." So, The patch is a mixture of Danish and Latin- "Hand of ice through difficulties to the scrotum."


I would say this probably isn't a US patch, but some sort of joke from the Danish contingent to somewhere damned cold. Korea? The Arctic? The South Pole?



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Salvage Sailor
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