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MB Survival Kit

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Which service and time frame? I may have some lists. The USN/USMC used the RSSK-1 in the MBEU Mk-H5 seat and the RSSK-1A in the

Mk-H7 seat. The USAF used a Bendix kit in the MBEU Mk-5 seat and the CNU-117/P and CNU-111/P in the Mk-H7 seat. I think the

contents for the USN/USMC were standardized and the USAF contents varied from unit to unit. The Mk-H7 seat was introduced in


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I do not think that I have any lists for that time frame. I may have an earlier list from a F-4C flight manual and a later USAF list from the 1980s. I will have to check. I am almost certain that the CNU-111/P is the seat kit for this time. There were probably mandatory items and optional items. Also, you may want to take a look at the book United States Combat Aircrew Survival Equipment by Michael S. Breuninger. There is a section on USAF seat kits and mandatory/optional items. Hope this helps.

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