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New Project- M1917 Browning HMG (Tunisia, 1943)


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Hey all,


I have decided to start building custom replica prop weapons for clients. I have received enough requests for my services when people see my finished work that my mind has been made up about it as a viable business venture.


My first project officially for my business and not for my own collection will be a moving 1:1 scale Browning .30 calibre M1917 water cooled HMG, with ammo box, water can, and fully functional tripod. The top cover will flip up, and the trigger will be spring loaded and will pull. The tripod will traverse and elevate just like the original.


When I posted previous projects folks have wanted to see progress pictures. I am going to take pictures throughout the entire process and upload here so people can appreciate how much effort goes into these replicas. I have already spent a week blueprinting and thinking about how I will do things. Today I started the construction of the piece.


I expect this build to take 2-3 months; a few hours a day, and I will update this thread each week. So stay tuned to watch this thing take shape!


If any body wants to post M1917 related photos and info please do. This thread should be a party!








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This is everything for week 1.


Does not look like much, but imagine that circular structure covered with sheet metal and capped on the end with brass shim....

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Alright USMF Brethren it is time for the Sunday update M1917 addition. Coming straight to you from my secret lair; is quite a bit of progress on the HMG.


I have begun making a carry handle for the barrel assembly, and carved the grip from a solid chunk of poplar.


A little bird told me that blued stove pipe would make an excellent barrel jacket. I took it's advice....


Don't own tin snips so I improvised.




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Coming to you; straight from the secret lair...


Here is the week 3 update on project Browning.


I did not get much done as I ascended South Sister Mountain with my father the last half of the week, but here is what I have accomplished.


I cut sheet brass to cap the water jacket ends, and I mounted the front sight after a quick coat of black primer. The inner structure for the water jacket/barrel assembly was all hand cut and rounded, so they ends are not perfect circles, each being slightly unique. So each end cap had to be side specific. I will use small amounts of plumber's putty and gold paint to camouflage the seams.


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