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Pre-WWII Aircraft instruments

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I'm not sure where else to put this thread. I just picked up a couple of pre-WWII aircraft instruments, marked AC, US Army, both of them. One is a suction gauge dated '38, type F-2, and the other is a carb temp gauge, type F-9, dated '41. Any idea what aircraft these would have gone on?


The same vendor I bought these from also had an unknown ADF, and a radio receiver from a BT-13.



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Neat instruments.


I can't help you much with an ID, but if you contact a forum moderator/administrator, they could move this thread into a more appropriate section. We actually have an aircraft instrumentation sub-forum here at USMF, under the "Vehicles, Aircraft & Ships" section.



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An uncle of mine, who is an aircraft mechanic and aviation historian, mentioned that somewhere out there, there is an early manual that lists the different models of instruments, and what aircraft they are compatible with. Anyone seen anything like that?

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The year dates are not always dates. They are actually prefixes on fiscal year contract numbers. The gauge may have been manufactured later than 1938. With the screw-in instrument light, it is definitely a pre-WWII design, and is just a standard suction gauge for a vacuum system. The vacuum system was for powering the turn and bank (bank portion) and artificial horizons. The carb temp mixture was for detecting carb icing. These could have been on any of the pre-WWII designed aircraft, but you would have to look in the individual aircraft illustrated parts manuals to confirm on which airframes they were installed.


Best Regards- Fort Susquehanna, also Forgotten Field Aviation Technical Center

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