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US Military rank quiz

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***Spoiler Alert****




I think you could generate a heck of a debate about whether MGySgt or SgtMaj is more senior in the Marine Corps. Also never heard of the pinning rank inside your cover or pocket.

Semper Fi





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Yep, I don't agree with the question on which Army rank is equivalent to Marine Lance Corporal. In the Marines, a private is an E-1, a PFC is an E-2 and a Lance Corporal is an E-3. Is an Army PFC an E-3? If so, what Army rank is an E-2?

Semper Fi!

Sgt. BARney

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E-3 in the Army is Private First Class. E-2 is PV2 or Private Second Class. While it's the same enlisted rank, I think a Lance Corporal is more equivalent to the Army's Specialist E-4 in responsibility.


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Considering I only know about US Army rank and nothing on the other services or the ins and outs of serving in any capacity of any US Armed services , I thought I did ok!!


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