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collar and crest badges

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These badges I want to Sell, I am only not sure from wich era they are. Can somene please help me with ID them?


Kind regards,





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The collar disks are late 30s early 40s; the DIs w/ the SB are 1930s-early WW 2; the others are post WW II.


L-R top row - 1-2 34th Armored Regt; 2- US EM; 4 winged griffin unk; 5- 26th Inf Regt 6- 112th Inf regt


L-R bottom 1 ASA School 2- Inf EM collar disk 3 - Maj insignia 4- 179th Inf Regt 5 102nd FA; 6- 110th Inf Regt


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