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Coast Guard SPARs uniform WW2 or Post war

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I picked up this Coast Guard SPARs uniform set.

Is it WW2 or post war?

It is named to Gladys F. Wrezinski.

The notched collar is troubling me, as I have read and only seen the round collars in WW2. The rank and shield are hand stitched on. The hat and jacket have the labels, the pants and skirt have no labels. The collar and hat pins are stamped and screw back. The tie has a button hole at the narrow end and the belt is the same material as the uniform which is all dark blue not black.

I haven't found any information about an issued swimsuit.

Her husbands CG jumper and pants which is stripped also came with it as did his white sea bag. D. M. Swansen 230,936.







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The uniform also has the tags from the Coast Guard uniform activity.. The uniform regs for WAVES and as adopted by the CG for SPARS note that clothing having those tags will be considered as uniform,


SPARS were disbanded right after WW2 and the womens reserve didn't restart until the very early 1950s.


Useless tidbit from the post WW2 CG history notes that the diagonal stripes for the non rated personnel was pushed for by the Coast Guard. They represent the corresponding piping on the cuffs of the male blue uniform. The USN did not originally wasnt grade recognition for non rated personnel..

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If the eagle on the button is facing either straight ahead or to its own left then it would be WW 2 vintage. If the eagle is facing to its own right, a post WW 2 button..


On the sleeve shield check out the pattern of the stars in the chief (upper part of the shield). IF there are 6 on top and 7 below, then that is a very early 1950s mistake. It should have 7 above and 6 below.

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Thanks for the replies. The button eagles are facing its own left. I contacted my friend and he said she was in during WW2 when she met her husband. She was from Iowa or Kansas, if this help researching her.



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